Unleash your Sales Workshop!  How to Grow Sales Fast in your Insurance Business

I help Insurance Agents gain confidence and grow sales in a 60-minute action packed workshop.  Unlike most workshops, I'm not here to create curiosity and pitch you at the end.  I'm here to get you results for spending some intentional time with FINNEYUP! 

I've helped 500+ agents in the past year alone.


Top Producer Mindset

Mindset is #1 My goal is to inspire you to Unleash your Inner Beast to be and do your best so you can provide maximum impact to yourself and the rest of the world.

Top Producer Skills

You only get paid to do two things in life insurance, phoning and presenting.  We have proven scripts and skills that produce results quickly.  It requires the discipline to practice daily to improve your game.

Top Producer Scripts and Systems

You need systems to scale your business.  Simple systems to stay organized, motivated, and effective.  Phoning, follow-up, prospecting, time, and presenting.

Systems to scale your business!

  • Proven lessons on mindset, skills, scripts, and strategies to build a massive pipeline.
  • Get organized and scale your business with a simple daily game plan.
  • Learn the single most important mindset hack to elevate your business.
  • Master The #1 Income Producing Action on the planet. Quickly pay for your entire lead budget with one skill.

You will learn to multiply your income and confidence while shaking off the fear and doubt that hold you back

I created this for people who want to learn how to make more money but feel trapped and frustrated on the right steps.

A lot of people talk about the power of forming good habits, mindset, skills, and systems…...but very few actually take action to transform their life.

"That first step feeling, oh so good."

Coach Fin

Get Results Now!

Daily Focus on the correct  Action to get the Immediate Results and Wow, Your Life is Transforming!