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I help Insurance Agents gain confidence, grow sales, and multiply their time without the stress.  700+ Agents have trusted FINNEYUP to help them get results in 2022-2023!

Mindset of a Champ!

Mindset is #1 How you think determines how you live.

My goal is to inspire you to Unleash your Inner Beast to be and do your best so you can provide maximum impact to yourself and the rest of the world.  Mindset is everywhere we look in sales.  We specifically look at daily mindset rituals and creating mindset associations toward your sales activity that makes activity like phoning EASY.

Elevate your Skills!

#2 Practice like an athlete!

You only get paid to do two things in life insurance, phoning and presenting.  We have proven scripts and skills that produce results quickly.  In the 6-Week Master the Presentation & Phoning we help agents grow sales and gain confidence.  We use simple checklists, scripts, and great questions to help the prospect make a decision and eliminate I want to think about it.

Systems to Scale!

#3 You need systems to scale!

You need a system that helps you focus on the daily activity needed to smash your Goals and have Fun doing it! From the moment you open your eyes you are feeding your mind with the right content, your calendar is ready, you know what you want, and why you want it.  The Action now becomes easier to get the Immediate Results and Wow, Your Life is Transforming!

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Self-Paced Master the Presentation & Phoning Course!

Great for Agents that want a fast start with flexibility.   24 video lessons including text and pdf scripts and worksheets.

  • WEEK 1: The Mindset of a Champion!
  • Week 2: Sharpening the Saw Daily and The Good Life Mindset
  • Week 3: Master the Phone with Success Formula
  • Week 4: Mastering the Presentation
  • Week 5: What's the Challenge? What's the Plan? Serve with simple options.
  • Week 6: Service Conversation and Teamwork
Self-Paced Mastering the Presentation Course

3-Week Self-Paced Productivity Challenge Course!

I created this to help agents grow sales in much less time.  Mindset, Time Management, and Prospecting! The course provides flexibility through self-study.  Similar to the 6-Week minus Vision, Goals, and Systems to scale.

  • Week 1:  Mindset of a Champion!  Specific mindset ritual to be prepared to Win on a daily basis.
  • Week 2:  Focus24 Time System.
  • System to make more money in less time without the stress.
  • Become a recruiting magnet
  • Week 3:  Prospecting system for Strategic Partnerships!
Self-Paced 3-Week Productivity Course

Self-Paced 6-Week Productivity Challenge Course! 

I created this for people who have the sales skills mastered but want to make more money in less time but feel trapped and frustrated on the right steps.  Including 29 video lessons, scripts, and pdf downloads.

Week 1:  Mindset of a Champion
Week 2:  Vision Map, Identity, and Your Why
Week 3:  Breaking Your Goals into Key Performance Indicators
Week 5:  Focus24 Systems to Scale.  How to make more in less time.


Self-Paced Productivity Challenge Course!

Get Results Now!

Daily Focus on the consistent  correct  Action to get the Immediate Results and Wow, Your Life is Transforming! 

All courses have an upgrade option to the live cohort.  For cohort options please reach out to Coach:   [email protected]

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