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Grow Life Insurance Sales with Phone Performance!

Includes Mini Course with specific phone script to book appointments.  Videos and tips to book more appointments, mindset to control emotions and ramp up your activity.  We also have simple rules, tips, and strategy to run more daytime appointments and increase your number of kept appointments. 


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The 4-Step Virtual Life Insurance Presentation with Workshop!

4-Simple Steps to a Client Decision that is proven to get results.  Instant access to the course with videos, specific presentation script, notes on each step, and questions to gain more premium volume.  How to pivot based on young, single, or married with kids.



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Proven Client Follow Up and Communication System!

Mini Course Includes Proven Scripts to unlock future business, get more referrals and testimonials.  Agents are missing the golden opportunity in follow up with existing clients and agency orphan clients.

Make more Money in Less Time.  Virtually Eliminate Chargebacks from your business.


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When I started in the insurance business Jan. 1, 2022 I was excited on the months when I could write $3-4K. My numbers were all over the place each month. Some months I would draw a Zero. Now after taking several courses with Coach Fin I am constantly putting up $20k -$25k/mo. Now shooting for $10k/week.  


Kevin W

January 2023

Life Insurance Agent

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Daily Focus on the consistent  correct  Action to get the Immediate Results and Wow, Your Life is Transforming! 

All courses have an invite to a live Workshop with Coach Fin via zoom.

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