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TOP PRODUCER Checklist with 22-Top Producer Tips 

This list is based on our experience with Agents that went from average to Top Producer in a short window.

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What will it take to start prioritizing your Sales?

A wake-up call?


“Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Coach Fin must do so.  After working with him, my sales increased from $1K / week to $9K / week- truly an invaluable experience.


Charlotte B, April 2023

Life Insurance Agent


“I started in the business in Jan 2022.  I was excited on the months when I could do $3-4K.  My numbers were all over the place month to month.  Some months I would draw a ZERO.  Now after taking several courses with Coach Fin I am constantly putting up $20-$25K a month.  Now shooting for $10K/week.  


Kevin W, Jan 2023

Life Insurance Agent

This is for you if ...............

✅ You are dialing and booking appointments but can't close a sale.


You’re sick and tired of working evenings and 7 days a week for mediocre results? 


You know you want to make some real changes but want some simple strategy that has worked for others?


You’re feeling like you simply need some direction to close some sales that stay on the books. 


You feel like you’re barely keeping up with your day-to-day life and you’re being pulled in a million directions.  You would like to be in control of your emotions and your schedule.


The average mortgage protection policy annual premium volume is $1000.   This course is $27 one-time, if you can gain one nugget it just might be a game changer for you. 

If these hit home for you, this program is what you’ve been looking for!

What if…


  • You could finally ‘log off’ from work and be fully present with your loved ones? 
  • Simple strategy to take back control of your mindset and emotions? 
  • You have confidence that you will get sales this week even if you are newer or haven't been able to close any business.
  • You overcame the limiting beliefs keeping you from boldly pursuing those big dreams you’ve locked away for so long? 



What is this about?


  • Easily go from a struggling agent to consistent sales even if you are newer.  
  • How to double your activity without spending more time.
  • How to overcome your chaotic calendar with a simple effective strategy to gain more freedom, energy, and bandwidth for the things you love.  
  • Wake up knowing exactly what you need to do to get some sales today with less stress. 
  • Priced for all agents to improve their sales.  They simply need to pick up one nugget and execute it this week.

Prove to yourself, once and for all, that you are committed to being the best version of yourself. Right here, right now!



"I've hit an unbelievable stride since working with Coach Fin.  I had a personal record last week hitting numbers that I never could have imagined consistently getting week to week. It's crazy what you're able to accomplish with the right guidance and a little bit of hard work."



Life Insurance Agent

Coach Fin Helps Life Insurance Agents increase confidence and boost sales!  Over 1000+ Agents have successfully completed our courses and cohorts in 2022-2023-2024! 

The agents Success is our #1 Focus!  We continually add as much value as possible to give you the edge you are looking for.

We are confident that with focus and hard work you can get results too!



  • 22-TIP Top Producer Checklist
  • Fun 60-Second video clip on each Tip
  • BONUS #1:  Agent dial schedule with rules to increase performance.
  • BONUS #2:  Video on How to Get Sales Now even if you are new or have been struggling!
  • BONUS #3:  Coach will give you the single most important word in Life Sales and two examples how to use it
  • Bonus #4:  An invite to a live zoom Q&A Event on the checklist.
  • All included in a mini course for easy access.
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